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Commercial Services:
Asphalt Sealcoating


Ever notice that you seldom see a thriving business with a shabby-looking parking lot? Typically, successful business owners keep their property well-maintained and prosperous looking.

No More Pot Holes!

Show potential customers that your own business is flourishing by allowing ProCoat to repair and sealcoat your parking lot meticulously. We’ll provide you with an attractive lot with no unsafe cracks that could cause trip-and-fall incidents.

Route & Seal Crack Repair

By routing existing cracks, we rid them of debris and create clean edges in order for our hot rubberized sealer to work correctly. With a proper sealing, your pavement will be completely flush and smooth with no visible reservoir where the crack used to be. This service will also protect against further cracking by blocking out moisture.

Our sealcoating specialists will keep your commercial driveways, parking lots and walkways pristine for the peace of mind of both your customers and your staff. Moreover, you’ll be surprised at our competitive pricing and the minimal amount of downtime we require. We work 7 days a week, so we can arrange our schedule to suit your business hours.

First Impressions Speak Volumes

Beautify your exterior areas and erase unsightly stains with a professional asphalt sealcoating project. The end result will speak volumes about you, your company and your attitude toward clients. Call ProCoat today for a free estimate.

(Note: after we apply sealcoat to your driveways, walkways and parking lots, we ask that you refrain from using those areas for 12 to 24 hours, depending on the weather.

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