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ProCoat Residential Services:
Driveway Repair


A well-timed driveway repair will not only renew the look of your residential driveway but its function as well. A repair will also extend the life of your driveway by preventing further damage.

Plus, your new smooth, stain-free driveway will enhance the value and overall appearance of your property.

If you are experiencing issues with cracking, potholes, fading or general degradation, there is no reason to assume that you need to install an entirely new asphalt driveway.

ProCoat provides a number of driveway repair services for homeowners to help your driveway age gracefully and help YOU save money. After all, it is significantly cheaper to maintain your residential driveway than to replace it altogether.

We offer the following driveway sealing and repair services for residential customers:

Crack repair

There are a variety of reasons your asphalt driveway may develop cracks. From an improper initial pour to rapid drying to the wrong type of concrete having been used, the professionals at ProCoat will be able to diagnose the issue during an appointment for driveway repair. Depending upon the nature of the crack, our technicians will use a set of specialized tools and a rubberized asphalt crack filler to bridge the gap and prevent any further cracking or shifting of the asphalt. What’s more, we will be more than happy to answer all of your questions to ensure you understand our process and how it will work to fortify your driveway.

Spider crack repair

Spider cracking is unmistakable—it consists of many small cracks over a large area of your driveway. The worrisome aspect of this type of cracking is a telltale sign of major issues beneath of the asphalt surface.

Our technicians will saw-cut the portion of the asphalt that has developed spider cracking and inspect the base to determine what corrections need to be made.

Oil stain removal

If you regularly park vehicles in your driveway, there’s always a chance that an oil leak could occur, resulting in an unsightly stain on the surface. Fear not, for ProCoat has a pressurized washing service that will completely eliminate any and all oil stains to have your driveway looking good as new.

Asphalt sealcoat application

If you are a business owner, we also offer extensive commercial services including parking lot repairs. For the parking lot and driveway repairs residents trust, contact ProCoat today.

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